Design / Engineering

Commercial and industrial steel buildings - Elkhart, IN

With our in-house ICC-certified building code professional, coupled with our designers’ real-world experience, Mid-States can help you work through almost any situation that may arise during the design phase of your project. Our ongoing relationships with local engineering firms add to our capabilities as well.

Site Design / Development

Commercial and industrial site development - Elkhart, IN

Mid-States has the experience and equipment to self-perform much of their own site work. With the purchase of equipment and continued training, we can tackle site development on most projects of moderate scale. Self-performing these services is another way Mid-States can keep the project costs within budget.

Concrete Foundations and Flatwork

Commercial and industrial concrete foundations - Elkhart, IN

Mid-States is known throughout the local industry for quality concrete work. Our founder cut his teeth in the trade and over the years has passed his knowledge on to our skilled crews. We maintain some of the most modern equipment in the area and have capabilities ranging from parking lot construction to flatwork pours exceeding 100,000 sq. ft. Machinery foundations, equipment pits and other custom work is well within our area of expertise.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Commercial and industrial construction and building services – South Bend, IN

Mid-States is one of the oldest NUCOR building suppliers in the region. We recently achieved a milestone with NUCOR by becoming their very first builder to reach $40M in steel sales. This reflects the long-lasting relationship we have with one of the highest quality pre-engineered steel building providers today. A visit to nucorbuildingsystems.com will give you a better understanding of just what type of projects Mid-States can provide.


Commercial and industrial steel buildings - Elkhart, IN

Mid-States isn’t limited to large industrial projects. We also have experience in commercial, retail and medical construction. Whether you need a complete new facility or renovation of your existing space, Mid-States has the capabilities to get the job done.